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Content Writing

  • Educating to advocacy through curations and creations of compelling content, ghost writing, and blog management are within our freelance services.  


  • The Educational System has changed.  If you need help navigating & advocating for your child, contact us, we can help. We are flexible. 


  • Stuck on a tough problem, need help organizing a project, or assistance to discover your learning strengths? We can help you!  Try our snap & ask service.  

Stuck? Send a Picture, & We Will Coach You Through...

On Demand Assistance 1,2,3

We Help Students of All Ages Build on Their Strengths Short & Long Term

  • Our mission is simple: Empower students of all ages for success through flexible, academic coaching For more Information on Coaching  click Here.

What : 

  • Students can submit what they need: We call that their project:/challenge   Some Examples:  Prep for Upcoming History Exam, Project on the Separation of Powers, Better Note Taking Skills, Research Design, Researching Skills, Learning Style Analysis, Create Flash Cards for Exam, Create Flash Cards from Recorded Lecture, School Observation, Mediation, Ongoing Check-Ins, Interactive Lessons from Lecture, Proof/Edit/Organize/ Type/Format/Cite Term Paper, Source Discovery, Works Cited, Presentations, etc... 

We Provide an Estimate Based on Level of Intensity/ Collaboration, & Time Line

  • Every student is different.  Therefore, every student needs different things.  Whether a short term project of on-going strategies & Coaching; we offer all our students options for success:   

  • Send us your Needs, We Quote & Provide as Agreed
    • On-Going Coaching 
    • Rewritten Notes
    • Audio Recording of Notes
    • Short Term Coaching
    • Long Term Coaching & Motivation 
    • ADHD Coaching 
    • Parenting Advocacy
    • Paper Proofing/Writing/ Editing/ Researching within the guidelines of Academic Integrity
    • Application & Interview Coaching 
    • Career Advancement Counseling
    • Content/Lesson Reteaching, Extension, & Connection 
    • Video/Text/Email/ Phone/Chat Support

Approve the Agreement, Pay Agreed upon Terms Receive Agreed Upon Product.

  • Agreement:  All terms are spelled out within the agreement that you approve, we complete what is needed and offer as much assistance as agreed, then you pay, and receive your product. 

  • Revisions: Revisions are provided as needed & agreed upon.  All work is Subject to the Academic Integrity Guidelines of your Institutio

  • Projects can be as simple as a 5 minute homework question, or as complex as a semester long project or goal 


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Education Partners

On Demand Coaching & PBL

We offer coaching services on a flexible time schedule.  We can use many different mediums.  You can choose what works for you.  I am becoming an officially certified ADD Coach! We also offer Academic Coaching & Career Coaching.  We are busy consolidating our sites and migrating hosts.  Feel free to reach out, we would love to assist you in your coaching needs.  We offer coaching services on a flexible schedule.  We can use many different mediums.  You can choose what works for you.  I am becoming an officially certified ADD Coach!   

We also offer Academic & Career Coaching.    Feel free to reach out, we would love to assist you in your coaching needs.  

Connecting... Simply

Soon, we will begin our 501c3 Process! 

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One of our newest projects is Lula's Blog of Minecraft as a kick starter to my Gamification Research Series.

Our Partners

Download My Card Today

One card that is fully transferable, and can save you both time and cost while assisting your patients in becoming compliant in the medications you prescribe!

Files coming soon.


Content Writing

Health Literacy By Social Media

Prescription Drug Compliance

HealthCare Initiatives

  • Access to quality healthcare is pivotal to student success, yet with many intricacies of plans and coverages not all patients are as compliant with treatment.  
  • Formularies & Benefits Change;  simplify the process. 

|One Card| |Infinite People|  |Endless Possibilities| 

The Case for Health Literacy Via Social Media

Nope, it is not the latest Encyclopedia Brown adventure.  Rather it is a best practice in improving the health of all patients and driving down the costs of care. 

Using social media to increase population health literacy and inform to advocacy is key to a healthy society.  If you are a provider, check out the latest information I have posted either curated or created to educate patients. 

Health LIteracy for Patients

A full listing of the resources collected to improve health literacy for patients is available below.  Feel free to use what you like. 

If you do not have a blog, no problem, we do that too!

Education & So Much More!

Health Literacy By Social Media

  • For Providers
  • For Patients
  • Research
  • Trends & Policy

All Things Education

  • Educational tools, edtech, 
  • Content, subject matters,
  • Policy, reform, student success,
  • Learning, cognition research


  • Academic On Demand
  • Career 
  • ADD
  • Project Based


Grab interest

Struggling with Science, Technology, Math, or Engineering, or need some clarification/project based guidance? 

  • Announcing a new partnership with  Megamind Education 
  • |MAT - LAB | SPSS | STATA| | Finance | Accounts| Mangement | | Auto Cad| | Programming | Concept Clearance| |Mathematics | 

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For the Younger Crowd: Meet Bookish Brilliance

Bookish Brilliance by Rachel

Mission Critical

Even the youngest scholars need superpowers! Check out Bookish Brilliance by Rachel! 

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Check out all the amazing resources found here! 


It's a Neuro Thing: The Process of Learning

  • Neurodiversity: Yeah, it it a thing
  • How we learn

{Parenting Power}

The Number one factor in student success. 

  • How Parents can Advocate
  • What every parent should know


If all else fails, have no fear, MEDIATE.  Mediation is a key to resolving conflicts in a mutually beneficial manner, while keeping the student's needs at the forefront. 

  • What is Mediation?  Did you mean Meditation? 
  • Best practices in Mediation: a student centered approach

Best Learning Resources

The best tools for learning, hands down! 

Medium Article Series

Posts coming soon!

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