Who am I?

Lula as a young writer.  Just beginning Grade 2 with the amazing Mrs. Brennan! 

Video of welcome to Chicago...

And Now...

She loves to make up songs this one is to "Welcome to NY!'

Passionate About Cubs & Captivity + Writing

[Talula Animal Rights Writer] & [Reporter of Everything]

A collection of Lula's articles through her eyes.  Her growth is admirable, and her passion is evident.  From Fire Fan & the Cubs to raising awareness of animals in captivity, and reporting on stories she hears, here is collection of Lula's writings & articles from our Project Based Learning academically oriented Chicago Home.  This also serves a sampling of what we guide families and students to accomplish as they advocate for efficacy in their own education.  

We collectively have named these: Academic Superpowers

The Activist

Animals in captivity are sad. 

The Promoter

  • Yes, Talula is opinionated, like her mother. Here are her reviews of writing & publishing tools  She is a natural connector and seeks to share the things she loves with everyone.  I use caution when stating she is a little mini Mommy. However, she has been tagged that since infancy and is so proud to be known as such. Here are the tools she finds most helpful.  (She also is an avid Vlogger, and loves to film.) So these are things that she is not only passionate about  but she sees other Vloggers/Youtubers promote.  

Do You Mind CRAFT?

Check out this great video

Captivity Is Cruel

Check out this great video


Check out this great video


Check out this great video

Mine Home, Welcome to Pet City Where Reign Supreme

The Castle

Welcome to Kitten Kingdom! 

Kitten Kingdom features pets from all over the globe.  Both the King and Queen are kittens, if you like cats, you best schedule a visit!  Mark your calendar to be amazed.  

Dragon Egg Zoo

The only zoo in this world with a real live dragon egg! How do you get up close and personal to this gem? Check back later, for all the best tips and tricks on how to care for your daring, darling dragons.  

Pokemon Shrubbery

A hospital with a view.  The hospital has disappeared, because it was laggy and glitchy, but the landscape plans will transform your latest world debut to epic levels! 

Flowers, Trees, & Much More: The Top T. House

A bathroom and bedroom all nestled in the shape of a T! It comes with a full service dog trainer.  The library with key is so , complicated, yet scary that your butt can get snapped off.  Here is the vet, with scalpel.  There is even a business man that comes along for the ride.  But, this is just the beginning.  Check back soon, for all the latest news.   

Christmas Creations

Coming Soon... 

Let's Go Cubbies

Cubs @ Wrigley meet Minecraft.