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I have a passion for writing, educating, & coaching to advocacy...

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Research: Knowledge is Power & Data is Clarity

  • As a Graduate Student in Law, research and data are key to my writing process.  I have access to all of the major legal databases.  I have performed in depth litigation analysis on dockets provide reports for clients on the results. I find big data the key to reliable information. 

Compliance & Policy

  • As a student I have written on both cybersecurity and data breach.  Two hallmark concepts that should be on everyone's radar in light of the recent ransomeware attacks.  I have also extensively researched Anti-Smoking Legislation in the Workplace.  

A Case for Health Literacy Via Social Media

Health Literacy for Patients

Information for Providers

What is the Cost of Prescription Drug Non-Compliance?

A Billion dollar problem, options to increase patient compliance as cited within the Annals of Internal Medicine (2012) 

Services Offered

Research & Analysis

  • Litigation Analysis (see below)
  • Policy Research
  • Academic/Scholarly
  • Compliance
  • Access to all major legal databases such as Westlaw & Lexis

Content/Copy Writing

  • While my experience is within healthcare, education, law, learning and cognition, cybersecurity & privacy, financial processing, compliance, & policy, I am a natural teacher.  I write to teach others. 
  • Ghost Writing
  • Articles, content, curations, creations 

Training & Development

  • Instructional Coach
  • Curriculum & Program Creator
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Member
  • Materials Development
  • Grant Writer
  • Compliance Implementation

Video & Graphics

  • A quick video with a concise call to action is imperative to brand identification and solution oriented education


  • Blogs are a great way to show how you are different from your competition.  They offer businesses a great way to connect with clients and show value. 

Social Media

  • A key to building your business is understanding the dynamics of social media and leveraging them to your benefit.  
  • Dribbling content helps you define your niche and remain at the forefront of followers.

About Lula & Young Education: Video Content

What is an academic coach? I created this video to define the role and demonstrate the purpose for such using one of my favorite tools:  Adobe Video


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